Direct mail in a digital world, use hand addressing.
March 2, 2020
Now is the time for direct mail
April 16, 2020

What outperforms email marketing?


How to get more out of email performance.

  • The average open rate of all emails opened on desktop is 16%, on mobile devices 55%, and on webmail it’s 28% (as of 2017).
  • The open rate increases by 17% when the subject line is personalized. 19% on desktop, 65% on mobile, and 32% for webmail (as of 2018).
  • Personalized hand addressed direct mail is opened and read 99.2% of the time.

Personalized direct mail is here to stay; this form of marketing is highly successful only because of the personalization, and handwritten addressing. Email marketing is a useful and powerful tool, however, if we put Direct Mail Marketing and Email Marketing at a relative level, compare the numbers of touches to conversion rate, hand addressed direct mail would outperform electronic mail delivery every single time.

Simply stated, most consumers are numb the bombardment of digital ads. Research has indicated that with the extensive use of technology, people’s reaction and attention span to digital forms of communications have drastically reduced. The average attention span to email marketing is a mere 2 seconds.

Direct Mail assumed to be dead (again); however, recently it has made a dramatic comeback in the industry, (most of us digital marketers have called direct mail the cockroach of marketing). Direct Mail, more specifically hand addressed direct Mail, enjoys the attention of the consumer for a more significant amount of time. Research has shown that direct Mail carries a 75% retention ratio as compared to around 40% of email.

Is Direct Mail Making a Come Back?

The simple answer to this question is yes, for the last 5 years (for all intent and purpose), mailing numbers are unchanged according to the USPS. Consumers of today expect the sellers to go above and beyond in their service and love it when sellers add in personalization which is now available at some may levels. Standard email marketing lacks the personal touch that direct mail can achieve ever so efficiently.

Though it will be incorrect to claim that direct mail is ever so perfect because it is not. Both these forms of marketing carry their flaws and shortcomings, but as of recently, direct mail has been displaying increased levels of success.

Direct Mail has a lifespan of 17 days, and hand addressed direct Mail has a much longer lifespan. Direct Mail also helps generate 10% more customers than emails.

How to Hyper-Personalize Direct Mail.

Direct Mail, even hand-addressed Direct Mail for that matter, can be personalized with QR codes discount links and exclusive discounts, consider AR (augmented reality) for your niche customers. Gone are the days of conventional forms of direct mail. In today’s time and age hand-addressed, direct mail can become both personal and technologically integrated with many digital elements.

Technological integration also means that you can now track and record both the offline and online responses tied to all of your direct mail campaigns. These responses will help you create more in-depth analytics and will also help you understand the preferences and likes of your valued customers.

Why Direct Mail?

Other forms of advertisers are trying to attach a negative stigma to it, and some companies don’t invest in direct mail marketing.  Direct Mail can be said to be unchartered territory for companies and businesses that have been solely using online marketing, and it is thus an excellent opportunity for aspiring businesses to build up their brand image, to acquire and convert more customers

Does Direct Mail Have a High ROI?

Yes, despite the substantial investment (mostly cost of postage) required to carry out direct mail campaigns. Research has shown that marketing campaigns utilizing direct mail end up giving the company a higher return on investment. Direct Mail also has a lower cost per acquisition as compared to emails, which is surprising because on the surface digitally delivery mail appears to be a cheap marketing medium.

Direct Mail Is Authentic.

Direct Mail, especially hand-addressed direct mail, convey a sense of authenticity. The customer has a marketing campaign or a promotional offer in handwritten form in his literal hands. The uniqueness conveys a sense of genuineness, authenticity and credibility.

56% of customers say that Mail makes them feel more valued; only 40% of consumers say the same about emails. Upon receiving direct mail, 54% of consumers engage in the brands’ social media.

Direct Mail also conveys a sense of emotion. Trillions of emails are sent out each year compared to Billions of letters. Sending personalized letter or invitation to your target audience shows them that you value your relationship with them, which is more impactful and more heartfelt.

Is Direct Mail Complex?

Direct mail requires a lot of logistics and expertise, beginning with concept to graphic design, selecting your target demographic, purchasing the proper list to target your audience, selecting the most economical printing process, choosing the right paper, understanding USPS mailing requirements, it goes on and on.

Emails do not have that much effort attached to them. You can easily find millions of email templates online and draft a promotional email in a matter of minutes. The blast it out to somewhat generic audiences, properly planned direct mail like all good campaigns can take weeks of planning and execution. Even after all this planning, there is still Murphy’s Law. 

How to Boost Your Brand Image in Front of Top Tier Customers.

Customers that bring in more revenue are a prized asset of any business. Even Companies that don’t directly deal with consumers are often using direct mail marketing because of its visible higher impact. Research has also gone on to indicate that affluent individuals prefer print media over other forms of electronic media, especially when it’s personalized.

Companies can make their direct marketing campaigns tiered with exclusive offers created to specific client parameters. They can target the top customer niche of their business to inculcate a sense of brand loyalty and keep everlasting good relations with them. reports that 93% of the population reads hardcopy magazines, while less than 30% read them online. These statistics indicate that there is still a widespread preference for print mediums than online.

Handwritten direct mail can help you create a much more significant impact. Hand addressed direct mail has a 99.9% open rate, which is a remarkable feat. Despite its age, print marketing is still surviving and thriving, and the best way through which marketers and salespersons can take advantage of the situation is by using print elements cleverly with the latest technological advancements.

Direct Mail may be outperforming email marketing, but at the end of the day, both these techniques are marketing techniques and can generate a higher impact and, therefore, higher sales when used together strategically.

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