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  • Craig Dickhout

    Craig Dickhout


    Phone: 714-841-2041 ext. 227
    Craig Dickhout is a talented marketing executive, a successful entrepreneur and a visionary in the direct mail industry. Over 15 years ago, Craig began working as a production manager in a direct mail warehouse. He learned everything he could about the industry, worked his way up, and finally founded Think Ink Marketing in June 2004. Today, Craig oversees all operations from sales and strategy to execution and delivery. Every year since Think Ink Marketing began, Craig has led the company to consistent double-digit annual growth.

    Craig is committed to creating unique direct mail campaigns for every one of Think Ink Marketing's clients. He believes in approaching every client, every project and every problem with a fresh, creative mind. Craig's signature marketing method, now known as the "J letter", has revolutionized the way direct mail is sent. Companies are now able to personalize their mail pieces using handwritten messages to drastically increase the rate that the message is open and read. This method has frequently resulted in response rates of over 13%. Before Think Ink Marketing's methods, these numbers were virtually unheard of in the direct mail industry. Since discovering this secret, hundreds of companies around the country have grown their small businesses into large corporations. Craig's clients include businesses from all industries, including mortgage, skin care, automotive, diet supplements, seminar companies, newsletter publishing and many more.

    Considered a pioneer and expert in his field, Craig has been referenced in many industry publications and books. Based on the continued success of the company, this is only the beginning for Craig and Think Ink Marketing.

  • Lindsay Dickhout

    Lindsay Dickhout

    Vice President

    Phone: 714-841-2041
    After working in the spa industry for six years, Lindsay Dickhout began her marketing career somewhat by accident. Right out of college, she started a sunless spray tanning company called Million Dollar Tan. She manufactured and distributed equipment and products and eventually opened a large day spa in Costa Mesa, CA. Lindsay was constantly looking for the freshest, most creative ways to market her day spa when she discovered Think Ink Marketing. This quickly became the sole marketing method that she used to market her business, and it worked incredibly well. Within two years of using Think Ink Marketing's methods, Lindsay was offered a cash offer to sell her business. She accepted and realized that her talents could be put to much better use in the field that she was most passionate about: marketing. This field was not entirely new to Lindsay. She graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. Lindsay joins the Think Ink Marketing team in their ongoing goal of remaining the largest and most innovative marketing company that personalizes their clients' mail using real handwriting.

    At Think Ink, Lindsay works with clients to create the most creative and highly effective direct mail campaigns. With response rates and customer impact being at the top of her priority list, Lindsay takes "getting your mail opened" to the next level. If you want to take your handwritten mail to the next creative level, Lindsay is the person to talk to. Well-known for her "ball mailers", Lindsay is fascinated with the impact that a bulky piece put in the mail without a box and with stamps directly on it can make! Depending on the customer's industry, goals and budget, Lindsay assists her customers in putting together the most effective direct mail campaign of any size!

    Lindsay continues to push the envelope (pun intended!) and help Think Ink remain the direct mail industry's go-to source for everything handwritten.

  • Ted Lonnberg

    Ted Lonnberg

    Marketing Consultant

    Phone: 888 808 2161 ext 910
    Ted Lonnberg is a multi-talented Sales and Marketing Executive who has thrived in many facets of Business Development, including New Market Identification, Customer Acquisition and Corporate Operations. 

    With over 24 years of extensive Sales and Marketing experience, Ted is known as consummate producer, with an insatiable appetite for developing and implementing profitable marketing strategies for his clients. 

  • Eric Garcia

    Eric Garcia

    VP New Business Development

    714 841 2041 ext 233
    As Vice President of New Business Development at Think Ink Marketing, Eric Garcia works with current and prospective clients to develop personalized direct mail campaigns that are as successful as possible. From start to finish, Eric is directly involved with client projects and ensures that each mailing is completed on time and on budget.

    Eric brings with him years of experience in sales, marketing, project management, event planning and promotions, and customer service. Eric began his career in the sports arena and travel industry, but he quickly found himself drawn to the world of sales, marketing and promotions. Eric served as the Regional Promotional Marketing Manager at Red Peg Marketing, where his spontaneity and creativity helped to create successful consumer promotional events. He went on to work at Momentum Marketing and then the Golf Event Company, where he planned and executed major client events. Then in 2005, Eric joined the Think Ink Marketing team.

    At Think Ink Marketing, Eric enjoys building new relationships and helping clients to execute successful direct mail campaigns utilizing powerful personalized mailing solutions.

  • Manny Jurado

    Manny Jurado

    Production Manager

    Phone: 714-841-2041 ext. 223
    With 20+ years of experience, Manny Jurado understands the ins and outs of direct mail production and fulfillment. Manny began his career as a maintenance person in the data department for P.D.M.S., but with an eagerness to learn the industry he quickly moved into the Quality Control department, where he learned first-hand all aspects of data fulfillment, including initial programming, letter-art, file conversions and laser printing. Manny later joined AMS Direct and Designer Mailing, where he served as a customer service manager for a majority of their senior level accounts. Then in 2004, Manny learned of Think Ink Marketing's innovative personalized mailing solutions and he joined the team as Production Manager. Manny brings with him years of experience with conventional direct mail, as well as a passion for increasing the effectiveness of his clients' direct mail campaigns utilizing hand addressing and personalization.

  • Crystal O'Brien

    Crystal O'Brien

    Accounts Manager

    Phone: 714-841-2041 ext. 225
    Crystal O'Brien's career in direct mail marketing began in 2002 when she joined Think Ink Marketing. Crystal quickly became passionate about marketing and learned everything she could about the business. Working her way up, Crystal became a production assistant, then assistant to Think Ink's Accounts Manager, and now Accounts Manager. Crystal's success in every position that she's had, as well as her strong relationship with clients, makes her a perfect fit for Accounts Manager. Today, Crystal handles all of the company's financial accounting, including accounts payable & receivable, reconciliations, client invoices, employee payroll and more. Crystal's unique eye for detail and her strong sense of organization ensure that Think Ink's accounting is accurate, timely and of excellent quality.

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