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We Make Sure Your Mail Gets Opened And Read... Every Time!
Having discovered years ago that nearly 80% of your direct mail is thrown away NEVER opened, we set out on a mission to solve this problem and developed a solution that ensures your mail gets opened and read! As a result, Think Ink Marketing has become the largest provider and pioneer of hand addressed mail solutions.

Independent studies have confirmed on average that 99.2% of consumers open hand addressed mail, as opposed to the 15% to 21% that open traditional printed direct mail. The reason why is simple. Hand addressed mail appears personal and gets opened immediately, while traditional mail looks like junk mail and gets throw in the trash. When compared with traditional mail, the results of using hand addressed mail solutions produce a staggering increase in response rate and gross profit for our customers. See the numbers for yourself by clicking here.

In today's economy, you've only got a split second to convince the prospect that your mail is worth opening. Nothing does that better than hand addressed mail solutions!

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